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    robert here :] (known as jem ex. jem v1)


    robert v

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    robert here :] (known as jem ex. jem v1)

    Post by robert v on Fri Nov 12, 2010 6:05 am

    hi guys :], i was bored on other RO so started to find a new one. AGAIN for the 99999 times xD haha, played all kinds of RO from Low rates to Supahigh rates. most of the time their all fails and has a lot of bugs and errors. have read the review. hmm looks balance, and FRESH Suspect Suspect haha read that its about 1 week old? xDD, well im now 3x+ % percent on the download for client, EXPECTING A LOT so don't disappoint me. haha just joking xD Twisted Evil Twisted Evil .. well , i end it here, see you guys in-game cheers cheers cheers

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